I'm a Brazillian programmer and I love chiptune/8-bit and videogame music. I've been playing guitar since 2007 and focus on classical fingerstyle videogame music.

Sometimes I mess around with softwares such as Guitar Pro, FL Studio and PXTune. Whenever I can, I tab some musics, do check them out!


Musics made by me, in order of production.

These are a series of songs I love and always wanted to see an 8-bit version of. I try to keep the original feeling of the music, while making it sound nice on this Chiptune style. Hope I don't get sued.

This is a (constant) Work-in-Progress. Unless I find another method of creating them, I will keep releasing songs on this album. Better call it a collection, listed in most-recent order.

They were (except when noted) tabbed with Guitar Pro and exported to a chiptune-like tune with GXSCC. I provide the sources for all steps, feel free to modify them in any way.

Yuugure no Aka 8-Bit [Asian Kung-Fu Generation]

Such a smooth, nice music - always makes me relax. This band has a lot of great songs and Yuugure no Aka is specially suited for 8-bit methinks.

This is an inheritance from the times where I worshipped the Japanese culture. Watched a lot of anime, studied Japan history and learned their language.

Crush 8-Bit [Pendulum]

Pendulum is great, my favorite album is Immersion. I've always wanted to do most of their songs, but I'll settle up with Crush.

Beast And The Harlot 8-Bit [Avenged Sevenfold]

I loove this song and wanted to test GXSCC with it. The original tab was perfect (made by TorqueGTR04 - thanks, mate) but didn't had the vocals.

In the end, this was my only contribution to it.

Afterlife 8-Bit [Avenged Sevenfold]

Since I was so excited about converting stuff to 8-Bit, Afterlife was a nice decision to make.

KenseiShredder's Guitar Pro tab was awesome, but I've changed it a lot (specially the vocals and rhythm guitars).

It was only after the release that I've noticed a mistake (at 5:10, damn it!). This was a tough week and I promise to do better on the next music.

Various MIDI songs made on Guitar Pro 5.

It was really my beginning on the music business. They aren't licensed in any way, so feel free to use them at will.

I just ask you to email me if you do use any of them.

African Mines

I found African Mines from The OneUps awesome, so I tabbed and added my own solos over it.

It was on 2008 or something like that.

Classical 2

This was my first original song. The thing is that it reminds me of some other, but I can't recall which.

So this song probably exists, although for now it's mine.

Comercial 1

An attempt to make a clean and beautiful comercial song.

But i guess i screwed up everything on the end, with the guitar solo and such.


I'm so proud of this one! I've tried to remember of a song I've heard when I was little, from a game called Hinokakera. It's a fighting game with this music as the main theme.

This song made me so excited... I've spent several days tabbing out of my memories and even made an original solo over it. Hope it's not too exaggerated.

Musica 1

Completely original. The main riff came spontaneously while I was watching a movie and testing random notes over the guitar.

Then it became a whole afternoon of tabbing, playing with the guitar and trying stuff. I liked this fast-paced solo and the bass.

Musica 2

An excuse to make a fast guitar solo. Just that.

Metallica Medley

A gift to one of my oldest friends. His favorite band is Metallica, so I joined some of their most-known songs.


Whenever inspiration comes and I make a song prototype, I usually name them `NEWNEWNEWNEW` or `ASdfdagfsa`.

Yes, my Guitar Pro folder is a mess. This one's here because i love the intro. Song's unfinished, though.